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NutriAssistant's Main Features

60 seconds

Professional grade weekly meal plan creation in under 60 seconds.

Nutrients & Allergens

We consider 46 macro and micro nutrients
+ 15 types of allergens

10,000+ Recipes Included

Such as smoothies, soups, main dishes and so much more.
Your clients' will love them.

Dietary & Religious Preferences

7 types of dietary pereferences
(i.e. Pescetarian)
2 types of religious preferences
(Halal, Kosher)

Highly Customizable

Simply adjustable macro and micro nutrient requirements to fit your client's needs.

1-Click Download

Easily access & share meal plans from any device.
“It really saves me time and effort. Nutriassistant is exactly what I've been lacking.”
Brenda R. - Dietitian
“Simple and easy to use and has a great database of meals.”
Christine W. - Nutritionist
“Extremely easy, quick and efficient! Saves a lot of time...very impressive!”
Joan H. - Nutritionist
“Really fast and simple, highly recommended.”
Diana C. - Dietitian

Work smarter not harder

Using NutriAssistant's cutting-edge algorithm you can literally cut down the time required planning a 7-day meal plan for your client to a few minutes.

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How we approach nutrition?

About Our Philosophy

On top of the recombined, enhanced and new technical features we also have a completely new and humble philosophy to easing the global obesity crises.

The problem of obesity is complex, the past decades showed us that there are many conflicting schools of thought regarding the roots of the problem.

Our approach is simple: We will always provide the most up to date tools and ideas, but we acknowledge that we don’t know everything so we will actively do our best to find out as much as we can and improve!

This fundamentally impacts how we allow and actively manage the long term evolution of our understanding obesity and the research tools that we create.

This is woven into the fabric of the whole company…


It is our fundamental aim to create a platform where dietitians can host research to further our understanding of the complex interaction among nutrition, human behavior and other factors that influence our health and waistlines.
Currently we are consulting professors, researchers and professionals to finalize the requirements that an ideal research tool should have.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, please get in touch!
We are a friendly team and we are open for any idea regardless of how far-fetched it may seem!

Complex problems do not have a single solution or a set of solutions that works in all situations.
Every person and situation is unique and different, there is no one size fit all approach.
Acknowledging this is the first but the most difficult step.
In fact, it is so difficult that no other venture that we know of endorsed this approach in relation to the obesity problem.
Unlike other teams that tried to crack this nut in the past, we approach the challenge from a multidisciplinary angle and through the use of technological advances that were not available in the past (i.e. deep learning)

"...and counterintuitive results like this are very common in obesity research and they're common in complex systems."

Daniel Taber, PhD, MPH, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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